Why All Companies Need a Brand Video on their Website

Yes, all. We stand by this claim because time and time again we see how our work in aerial and regular cinematography enhances businesses for the better. Here are the benefits of videos and what they can do for you:

  • Maximize ROI
  • Enhance your social media game
  • Build brand recognition and awareness
  • Create buzz and increase sales
  • Present the product in the flattering light

Even though they should be, videos aren’t overused, mostly because they are still considered to be an expensive feat. And they are wrong, at least when it comes to Medium Cool Productions’ prices. Aerial shots and cinematography used to be much more expensive, but nowadays with newly available technologies combined with decades of experience, it’s easy to capture the perfect shot that won’t put a dent in your budget.

The Importance of Branding

Chances are your business has competitors. In the sea of same or similar brands, if you want to succeed you need to stand out. And – while you are standing out, people still need to see you. Branding is important for small to medium businesses, because first of all, branding isn’t your company. It’s definitely not your logo. A brand exists only in minds of your customers.

You can curate that view with a carefully executed brand video.

Increased branding is immediately followed by lead generation and sales. More often than not people will choose a brand not because of product quality (but it definitely plays a role), but because of their perception and personal connection with a brand. According to the Harvard Business Review, 64% of consumers claim that the most important aspect of a brand and a primary reason they like it, are the shared values.

It’s hard to present an up-and-coming brand to new customers. The acquisition is already hard due to that competition we already mentioned, and the decreased attention spans. Explaining the essence of one’s brand is easily done through a Brand Video.

The latest statistics show that using a brand video can get you up to 66% more qualified leads, and videos achieve 54% better brand awareness.


What are the Benefits of a Company Video?

Literally all brands can benefit from a company video. Every story is told better with an exquisite and professional video footage. You can only have only one first impression.

Did you know that people form an opinion about your business and your website in just 50 milliseconds? It literally takes them less than a second to decide whether you are trustworthy or not. If you start off those milliseconds with a brand video that captures the real essence of your business, the odds are in your favor.

Here are more benefits of using a company video:

  • It’s versatile.

One beautifully shot video can be used on a wide array of mediums. You can boost the Facebook and Instagram posts with it, promote Tweets, embed it as a slider on your homepage, or use it elsewhere. Videos boost sales and conversions by a multifold. If you use a brand video in your newsletter, you can increase open rate up to 5.6% and Click-Through Rate (CTR) up to 96%.

  • Improves brand recognition and awareness.

People remember more than 90% of the message when they watch a video, and only 10% when it’s in textual form. People trust videos, and a brand video is not only professional, but also forms a connection with your clients.

  • Videos affect your SEO rankings.

Search engines LOVE videos! It is 53 times more likely to appear on first page results on Google if you have a brand video on your homepage. Not only that – people will spend more time on your page if you have a video on it – 6 times more than if you only had textual content.


Having a brand video can only help you increase your sales, improve conversions and improve your bottom line. And it’s not nearly as expensive as you think it is. Feel free to contact us about the special pricing for shooting your brand video.


We have drones, too.

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