How We Use Drones to Give Our Projects a Higher Production Value Look

The headline is very self-explanatory: in this article we will talk about the use of drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in aerial cinematography.

Apart from looking amazing, drone videos and photos also get more conversions. Did you know that drone videos used in email newsletters get 80% increase in replies? Let’s see why drone videos are so successful:

·     Breath of fresh air (pun intended)

Drone videos still have a novelty factor and since people have to jump through a lot of hoops and pay insurance to get certified and own a drone, we still aren’t flooded with all-drone videos. They are breaking the mold and showing us new angles and perspectives.

Novelty factor won’t wear off soon, and even if drone videos become a standard (like they already are in real estate), they are too beautiful and mesmerizing for that to be a downside. You don’t stop watching blockbusters because they are shot with the same technology, right?

·     Space visualization

If there is a universal truth, then it’s that people are terrible with space visualization. If you tell a person that something has 1 acre and 5 acres, chances are that they won’t have the slightest clue about the real size. With drone videos, you can easily present any space so that people can actually grasp its size, and you can even make it pop out. Sometimes regular photos just don’t cut it.

·     Aerial stills and videos on website

When people land on a website, they decide in 0.05 seconds whether they like it or not. If they don’t like it, they will often leave, increasing your bounce rate. Aerial photography and cinematography are a way to make them stay and enjoy the view. Videos on homepages increase time spent on site and increase overall engagement. By using drones, we transition from regular videos to high-quality drone cinematography.

·     Price

Drone videos are cost effective. Before drones, there was an array of hurdles a brand had to overcome to make an aerial video with a helicopter, not to mention safety issues, manpower, permits. Did we mention the price? Before drones, small to medium businesses couldn’t have dreamed of having access to aerial views and videography. With Medium Cool Video Productions, even drone cinematography isn’t out of reach.

Proof that Drone Videos Work

The first proof we have is that video on its own is the medium through which you can get more leads, increase sales, perform successful pitches and present your brand. If you add the drone component to that, you can only increase your prospects. The drone industry is on the rise, and statisticsshow that.

Did you know that more than 90% of people watch online videos? More than half of the chief marketing officers across the globe claim that video boosted their ROI. Marketing agencies consider videos to be their number one driver of leads and they claim that it’s the most effective way to display native advertising. After all, drone videos grab user’s attention and can make any property, event or product shine.

Just because someone has a drone doesn’t mean they can fully use it to create stunning imagery. We at Medium Cool Video Productionscan boast with 2 decades’ worth of cinematography experience, supreme editing skills and high-quality drone equipment. LINK WHY US BLOG POST

Get a Drone Video

Drone videos aren’t as expensive as you think. We can probably make arrangements to find a perfect solution for your budget and your business. Let’s create aerial magic!


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