Why Videos Are Better Than Stills For Social Media

Videos are better than regular pictures, and there’s plenty of case studies and evidence that confirms it. Let’s talk statistics:

You’ve heard the saying – an image is worth 1000 words. If we were to play around with math then it would look something like this: if one second of video footage has approximately 60 frames (pictures) per second, then one-minute video has 3,600,000 words in it. 

Joking aside, Dr. James McQuivey has estimated that 1-minute video is worth like 1.8 million words. That’s the power of video right there. 

How are videos better for social media? 

Well, social media platforms have been shifting to accommodate videos – nowadays we have Facebook live videos, Instagram Stories, Snapchat and YouTube. Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithms are favoring videos – in paid ads, videos have a much higher engagement rate, views and more success in promoting a product. 

A single picture cannot convey as much as even just a couple of seconds of a beautifully shot video. More than that, social media platforms have auto-play options so the video will start playing as soon as the person scrolls to it. With pictures and sponsored posts, it’s easy to miss them entirely and not pay attention. Videos demand attention. 

Speaking of attention, did you know that the average attention span was 13 seconds in 2000, and now it dropped to a staggering 8 seconds. What’s even more concerning is that an average goldfish has a better attention span than us. 

That is why people are turning to videos more and more – that’s a concisely formatted content that keeps their attention leveled, and induces better engagement in forms of likes, shares and comments. 

Even if you promote a product via text or just a picture, it’s far more likely that people will remember a video. According to recent studies, people remember 95% of a video message, and only 10% when they read it. Videos digest information and present it in easily understandable chunks. 

Everyone loves a good video! 

It’s not secret Platforms favor videos and show them more with their algorithms than textual posts and pictures. Marketers adore video promotions because they yield amazing results and are far better for promotion than pictures and texts. For the same amount of money allocated for the paid social media campaign, the ones with videos simply have better reach and engagement. Even organic views are much higher with videos. 

Let’s Sum it Up

Videos generate 1200% more views and shares than pictures and texts combined! So, the question isn’t: Should you use video for your marketing efforts, but how much. And that is where we can help. Contact us to see how we can create beautifully shot aerial views created by the professional filming drones. 

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