Why Videos are More Effective Than Stills – Increasing Social Media Followers with Videos


Do you feel like you need to step up your social media game with video marketing? You are definitely right – it’s the latest trend that will continue to grow and expand in the future. You can leverage it now while it’s not overused.

Let’s see some statistics about social media video marketing in 2018:

Did you know that 100 million hours of video contentare consumed EVERY DAY on Facebook? If you have a business page, then you know you can even pin your favorite brand video to the top of it. In 2017, Mark Zuckerberg said that he sees videos as the new megatrend. You can bet that Facebook as a platform favors videos when it comes to algorithms and organic reach.

Facebook has become a Pay to Play platform, meaning that organic post reach is far below 2%. If you have 1000 people who liked your business page, your post would organically be viewed by approximately 20 people. Videos have a far better organic reach.

Also, videos increase engagement – people are more ready to share a video on their feed than just a regular text post. Since Facebook acquired Instagram, you can rest assured that all these statistics can also be applied to that social media platform as well.

When it comes to Twitter, tweets with videos in it are 6 times more likely to be retweeted. Also, people respond better to videos on their Twitter feed, even if they are promotional. Hats off to Twitter’s design team because they made them look very native, like that’s where they belong, so even sponsored videos don’t feel like promotions – simply, they fare better on Twitter.

Why Videos are Better for your Social Media Posts

Videos affect people’s purchase decisions, and with explainer and how-to videos, you can successfully promote a product or a service. Videos generate more qualified leads, that will in turn increase the conversion rate and boost your sales.

It’s all about standing out and grabbing the attention. In this age of banner blindness, people are becoming disinterested for all the commercials that surround them. If you use stills and content that isn’t captivating enough, your ad will be shown in vain, and you will still pay for that social media impression.

But, social media platforms have a neat video auto-play feature that will ensure that your video is noticed. If it’s a beautiful video, shot by people with decades of cinematographic experience, then you can rest assured that people will actually watch it.

Social Media platforms love videos. If you have a set campaign budget, spending it on video will bring far better results than using the same amount of money on stills and posts. Also, videos create 1200% better engagement than texts and photos combined. Let’s not forget that more than 250 million peoplecreate Instagram stories on a daily basis.

The Results Are In – Videos Fare Better

Videos are simply better than stills. They have better reach, better organic and paid results, larger engagement, and attract attention and keep it with ease. Not only that but videos are more memorable than regular posts, improving your brand recognition, brand awareness and sales. Luckily for you, having a constant video output doesn’t have to be a hassle – you can even get spectacular video footage and aerial videos for a fix monthly price.

It’s more affordable than you think. Check out our social media content creation packagehere, or contact usto create a tailored plan just for your business.

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