Why Videos Are Better Than Stills For Social Media

Videos are better than regular pictures, and there’s plenty of case studies and evidence that confirms it. Let’s talk statistics: A good video can increase people’s purchase intent by 97%, while increasing brand awareness by 139%.  Real estate listings with video get 403% more inquiries than listings without it.  Marketers believe that videos will account […]

How We Use Drones to Give Our Projects a Higher Production Value Look

The headline is very self-explanatory: in this article we will talk about the use of drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) in aerial cinematography. Apart from looking amazing, drone videos and photos also get more conversions. Did you know that drone videos used in email newsletters get 80% increase in replies? Let’s see why drone […]

Why Videos are More Effective Than Stills – Increasing Social Media Followers with Videos

  Do you feel like you need to step up your social media game with video marketing? You are definitely right – it’s the latest trend that will continue to grow and expand in the future. You can leverage it now while it’s not overused. Let’s see some statistics about social media video marketing in […]

Why All Companies Need a Brand Video on their Website

Yes, all. We stand by this claim because time and time again we see how our work in aerial and regular cinematography enhances businesses for the better. Here are the benefits of videos and what they can do for you: Maximize ROI Enhance your social media game Build brand recognition and awareness Create buzz and […]

Five most common video types

A survey last year found that Americans attention span when browsing online is on average just eight seconds. Are you still paying attention? There’s a time and place for other advertising, but video works differently. An engaging video can keep your audience rapt from start to finish.  It can also help shorten your sales cycle […]